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“There is no one who does not feel that he is imprisoned in some way. If this is the result of his own free will he must regard his will as not free, or the circular reasoning in this position would be quite apparent. Free will must lead to freedom.”  ― Foundation for Inner Peace, A Course in Miracles

"Eye of the storm" .whirlpool in a water sculpture. & a rare glimpse of the moon reflected in the water

Milky Way and the Great pyramids                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Sacred places are not triads of visual places but rather human self of three demensions - third eye – (thoughts) -throat voice (sound) and heart (emotions)

Cable Bay to Sir John's Pool, Colonsay - (© Kate Oldfield) www.colonsayholidays.co.uk

From Cable Bay to Sir John's Pool, Isle of Colonsay, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

A map showing Doggerland, a region of northwest Europe home to Mesolithic people before sea level rose to inundate this area and create the Europe we are familiar with today.

Sea level map showing that as recently as nine-thousand years ago people could walk to Britain

Inuits. The armor is made out of ivory and whale baleen. The upper part was made to protect against arrow fire, the wearer would simply turn his back when a volley would come.

Koryak armor - Late lamellar armour worn by native Siberians and Eskimos

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