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Aperture Science Innovators

Aperture Science Innovators

anthony luke's not-just-another-photoblog Blog: Photographer Profile ~ Diane Arbus

Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967 - Diane Arbus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(5 Ingredient & No Bake) Chocolate Walnut Bars #glutenfree

Chocolate Walnut Bars

These Clean Eating Chocolate Walnut Bars are sweetened with dates and pair perfectly with a glass of milk for dessert!

This on the D3 is my most used combination.

Fast-aperture, high performance wide-angle zoom optimized for FX and DX-format sensors and features Nikon’s ED Glass and Nano Crystal Coat.

The most expensive dog in the world  was sold in March of 2011 to a Chinese buyer for the price of 1.5 million usd.  It was a rare Tibetan Mastiff who was named "Big Splash".  He currently weighs 180 pounds and has a fluffy red coat of fur.    The Tibetan Mastif is considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs and it is rumored that both Buddah and Gengis Kahn owned one of them.

A red Tibetan Mastiff puppy has become the most expensive dog in the world after being sold for a sum many would consider barking mad:

ThinkGeek :: Portal Socks

These Portal 2 Socks are modeled after the Long Fall Boot but will not -- we repeat, WILL NOT -- right you if you try to land on your head.