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Bobby is drunk in new '#WYD' teaser? | allkpop

Update May 23 KST: iKON releases another teaser image, again of Bobby. This one has members talking to each other in the messenger chatroom, with B.



But why is Yoongi an accurate description of me - my headphones are gaming headphones so they're giant

Suga too cute!!!♡♡♡

Suga too cute!!!♡♡♡

Poor Panda xD | allkpop Meme Center

Poor Panda xD

P's go vote for Bigbang for the MAMA awards. This is one of the last things we can do for them before some of the members leave to serve their country. Let's show them or support

TOP x SE7EN Ooh! Bingu!!!!

I think I would faint being that close to top! But of course would act cool as hell with him first. And seven and top together is just a dream come true. Please be in the same room with me

Still waiting for this to happen to me

{☆Kpop Sternzeichen☆}

YG ou JYP pfv me debuta eu nunca pedi nada a vcs

TOP is just enjoying his waffle leave him alone

TOP makes the same face when he's eating the waffle as he did to that girl in the 'BAE BAE' mv oml XD