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This is awesome!  ...and I thought I used to seek revenge by blowing smoke on them...

The red Cummins is so beautiful! Why would you ever make them mad? If I knew someone with a Dodge Cummins with duel stacks, lifted that high with big mud tires. umm, we'd be friends for life.

One Of Many Reasons You Should Drive A Lifted Truck! #Nuff Said #Lifted Trucks #Country Life

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This is true! Cars can hit the hitch on your truck and it totally damage their car and not even a scratch on the truck! This is so true l, especially for a Ford

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Thank You! Its about time somebody else call it out! A Honda does not count as a truck. Ram, Chevy, Ford or GMC are the only real trucks!

Honda Ridgeline - it's not a truck! It's an SUV with a birth defect.

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