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My goal....

If I can make at least one person Smile, or pee their pants a little, or maybe Spit out a Drink, then my Day was not wasted

talking on the phone when you have kids... lol ;) :D

OMG this is so true and so funny - I know I sound like that. I actually try to avoid taking or making phone calls when my kids are around because of it!

Medical alert bracelet

Medical alert bracelet - laughed so hard at this, bout made myself sick!


Laughter is a melody, A concert from the heart. A tickling by the angels, Creative living heart Laughter heals and comforts It's sometimes gentle, sometimes bold Laughter is a freeing dance Performed within the sou.

Quote from Ellen

funny ellen degeneres quotes - mine would be the opposite. If the temperature is more than my age, I don't get out of bed.



Yeah right?

Yeah right?

OMG YASSSS IM LIKE WELL I DID PIN THAT A WHILE BACK SOOOO PINNED YA AGAIN.... hahaah this is like my 100000000th time pinnning this hahaaa

This was my favorite movie quote when I was six. >>>> This is me with Star Trek and Benedict Cumberbatch pictures.


The grill isn't gonna light itself! What are you doing out of the garage? Go fix my car. Go chop some lumber.