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Peach-faced Love Birds, also known as the rosy-faced or rosy-collared lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis), is a species of lovebird native to arid regions in southwestern Africa such as the Namib Desert. Lovely photo by Brad Pedersen

What Is Your Spirit Flower?

Peach-faced love birds by Brad Pedersen Wild About Birds Nature Center in Layton, Utah sells everything to do with your backyard birds and also offer tours on the Deseret Ranch, which is home to over 100 species of birds!

Fawn Takes a Nap on a Front Porch  A California man called 911 when he found a fawn curled up on the welcome mat at his parents’ home. Officials told him that the fawn’s mother was probably nearby, while the baby rested. An hour later, mom came over and nudged the newborn, who wobbled off with her. — Watch it at Today

Newborn Fawn Cuddles Up on Doorstep We found an abandoned Fawn years ago. It was the sweetest and adorable little creature. Only got to keep it a short time before the Conservation Agent came & took it away

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry." And they say humans are more civilized than animals...(La Ley de la Wild dice "matar sólo cuando termine tienen hambre." Y dicen que los seres humanos son más civilizados que los animales ...)

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry."

The Law Of The Wild says "Kill ONLY when you are hungry."(not my quote) The mother of these cheetah probably attacked and stunned this prey animal in order to teach her young to kill their own food.

Sock shame

Our chocolate lab Ladybird is also a sock and brassiere thief but she's so adorable it's hard to stay mad! So clever and mischievous!

Don't leave me again...SO CUTE

Don’t leave me again…awww. I had this same reaction from my dog Samantha. Hugs and kisses from all of us made her happy and she forgave us. Next vacation she "flew" with me on a jet plane. Very happy to land. SO.

HAHA! Too cute!

Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.

This Dogwood tree will have to be transplanted soon, it is growing so well.

Funny pictures about Dogs Are Nice Flower Arrangements. Oh, and cool pics about Dogs Are Nice Flower Arrangements. Also, Dogs Are Nice Flower Arrangements photos.

Keeping the water out of his ears. Hey! It works :)

This dog hates water in his ears. Owner found solution which I find hilarious! But glad the dog is happy! My dog could use this too!

20 Text Posts That Prove Tumblr Users Love Dogs More Than Anything | Pleated-Jeans.com

A dog in the toddler shoe socks. striefler Schleen - Can I have Peri's socks when she outgrows them?