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Michael and Viviana

Michael and Viviana

When he straight-up mocked the royal family. | 19 Times Michael McIntyre Was Actually Really Fucking Funny

When he straight-up mocked the royal family.

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Michael Jackson, not sure who the other guy is, i'm assuming a fan lol.

Michael Jackson and Rockwell.🎵🎶 I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me And I Have No Privacy🎵🎶

Just good friends

To which track did Michael contribute vocals on Stevie Wonder’s Characters?

Michael  and Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson en 30 photos cultes

Because of his Vitiligo disease, he was allergic to sunlight. Thats why he had to walk around with an umbrella.

And those of you that poke fun at his black umbrella in the he had vitiligo, skin disease that gets rid of pigment in skin and makes your skin really white, and you burn easily. He cant help it.it hurts him to go outside.