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Grew up playing LEGO's and my favorite stuff to build was spaceships of my own design, but this is a whole other level and i feel my inner LEGO loving child emerging!

My Favourite Spaceships in the World Aren't in Games, or Movies, but LEGO

Confession time: I am a very picky man when it comes to appreciating spaceship design. I am also glad I have one of the few forums on Earth where I can say that and not be given a wide berth.

The Lego Rifter...They Killed it!

The Lego Rifter.They Killed it!

Porpoise (O.R.E. Industrial Command Ship) - EVE Online ships

Porpoise (O. Industrial Command Ship) fitting, attributes and screenshots at EVE Online Ships

LEGO Ideas - EVE Online Ships - Merlin

EVE Online Ships - Merlin

LEGO model of the Merlin frigate from EVE Online (by czar).

Stijn Oom's HammerFall Gunship Troop Carrier and crew

Stijn Oom's HammerFall Gunship Troop Carrier and crew