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Moon between the sarasans of Stonehenge

Despite clouds and rain showers astronomer Phillip Perkins managed to spot a reddened, eclipsed Moon between the stones of this well known monument to the Sun during May’s total lunar eclipse, from Stonehenge, England. by Philip Perkins

Stonehenge by moonlight...

Beautiful photograph of the silhouette of Stone Henge (England) against the night sky. Photo by: Anne Sudworth.

Crescent Moon Over Stonehenge, England by Terry Why #moon

159 Crescent moon over Stonehenge. The silhouette of Stonehenge at twilight, capped by a crescent moon--the sight inspires such wonder and mystery!

Wow .. 1877 photograph of Stonehenge, prior to any restoration work.

Did you know that over the last century, Stonehenge has had a series of makeovers! If you look closely at this photograph taken in July 1877 by Philip Rupert Acott, you will see a Stonehenge that looks quite different from what we see today.

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