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Funny Tumblr Posts, Rug Store - Employee of the month? I think not...

oh my gosh, i am literally crying i am laughing so hard! the problem is i can totally see myself hiding and eating doritos behind a rug.

I want to try this, but I, too, am scared... pIZZA

love this post so much>>>isnt the user pizza like the more ancient version of thebootydiaries to yall?


Some kid in my english class: so if shakepseare was writing for the uneducated then why are we studying it? Miss DeBruin: the real question is, if shakespeare wrote it for the uneducated, then why are you having so much trouble with it.

This is creepily accurate... *~*

The fangirls took over this post. Go fangirls! But so true at the same time

writing prompt: turn this idea into a story

Funny pictures about If tattoos randomly appeared on your skin. Oh, and cool pics about If tattoos randomly appeared on your skin. Also, If tattoos randomly appeared on your skin.

I'm so thinking about naming my child, Potter! :)

Mom Sherlock is my friend- lol! //The funniest thing is that I totally want to name all of my children after fictional characters.

Because it's true..there's something about when a guy gets a haircuts that girls don't like...

True love is having a crush on him even after he got a haircut