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Volleyball Pre Game Ritual Short Sleeve - Safety Pink

Volleyball Pre Game Ritual Short Sleeve - Safety Pink

Hahaha!! This is so funny cause im a setter and i get this alot !! But it's true... Ha

One day at practice, I was yelled at for not getting the second ball when the setter didn't call for help. So frustrating!


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Life of a soccer player

sports quote , Adriana Johnson " love hearing the heart and mind of an athlete for the intensity of a game gives an eye raise." Sometimes when people ask me why I push so hard when running cross country this quote comes to mind.

Yessss! #incredibles

Again, not only for soccer! For the people who don't play volleyball or know nothing about it, a pass is used in almost every single play! If you were wondering! I do have anger issues! *unleashes inner hulk right about now*

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SO there was this boy helping us at practice and he said *and I Quote* "Volleyball isn't even hard! I bet I could blow all of varsity out of the water!" so I said "OK why don't you serve?" *ball goes 2 feet up* *ball drops 3 feet away from him*

umm I need this as a poster/ volleyball humor

Volleyball is life - Volleyball Love - Volleyball Quotes I need to remember this.ill put my shoes on THEN ill realize that i hadnt put on my kneepads

Mine smell like... I can't even tell you! Last time I tried to smell mine I passed out!

you know your a volleyball player when. seriously the smell could kill innocent kittens. Same could be said for roller derby pads.