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"Love Flute," by Paul Goble, a man from England who fell in love with the cultures of our First Nations and who now is an artist making children's books.

From the romantic tale of the first love flute to the mythological creation story, the work of Paul Goble brings these Native American myths and legends to life.


Troy Sice Zuni Corn Maiden Fetish Necklace, consider this necklace among the finest Zuni necklaces of the modern era.

*Patrick DesJarlait, Sr.* (1921–1972) was an Ojibwa artist, known for his watercolor paintings and his commercial art work.

* was an Ojibwa artist, known for his watercolor paintings and his commercial art work.

Navajo Sand Painting

A medicine man creates a sandpainting and places the person to be healed in thee middle. Then, to aid the process, sand from the painting is rubbed over appropriate areas of the human body. After the ceremony, the sand painting is destroyed, this destroyi

"The Catch" -Orcas by Thomas Stream, Aleut artist.  Love his work!

"The Catch" -Orcas by Thomas Stream, Aleut artist.

navajo sand paintings | in sand paintings are symbolic representations of a story in Navajo ...

Coyote Stealing Fire: Eugene Baatsoslanii Joe, Mark Bahti - Navajo Sandpainting Art - Treasure Chest Publications, Inc. (Also showed "Development of the Fetus" by Jackson Pollock,

"Toast of Indian Country" , made from 70 slices of toast, Steven Paul Judd.

"Toast of Indian Country" - I always see in news etc that people find images of Elvis and Jesus in food, but I never heard of someone finding a Native.

Thomas Poolaw Kiowa/Delaware  "I hope the work reflects the status of today’s Native American individual, that is complex, modern and spiritual."

As a youth I was heavily influenced during the late an by the American Indian artists of southwest Oklahoma and the photography of Horace Poolaw. In 1980 I entered art school at the.