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Wrong number texts- omg this is so awful I had tears in my eyes.

WrongNumberTexts - Page 5 of 568 - Funny Texts Between Strangers

love this website. parentsshouldnttext.com

love this website. parentsshouldnttext.com

ugh.. hate those mornings!!

‎"We all have those mornings when you hate every outfit you try on.

I've actually gotten this text before...

This is totally something my mom would text me! Love you Mom!

Parents Shouldn't Text (most I actually hadn't seen before, yay!)

Parents Shouldn't Text - Funny, Crazy, WTF Text Messages From Mom And Dad on imgfave

I have CDO

I have CDO

i have cdo its like ocd but all the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be funny quote

What group projects really taught me�

What group projects really taught me…

Funny pictures about What group projects really taught me. Oh, and cool pics about What group projects really taught me. Also, What group projects really taught me.

Funny Someone Crying Saying Joke Picture | Funny Joke Pictures

If you see someone crying, ask if it is because of their haircut. That's why they're crying!


Political Cartoons Every American Should See

Contraception leads to more babies born out of wedlock, the exact same way fire extinguishers cause fires. - Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report