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Why do all the really stupid politicians come from Texas? Bush, Cruz, Perry, and our current governor is even dumber than they are.

Oke give it back to the Indians and leave to whatever country your forefathers came from. Period, case closed .

" says the kind of people who stole the land from the native people of America! That's laughable!

Seriously, gross  WTF wal mart. And wtf wal mart shoppers?!

corporate welfare is the real fraud; walmart creates poverty not jobs

How many more people do you think would die in car accidents every year if we hadn't infringed on someone's right to not wear a seat belt?

There is a reason that they call the Democratic Party Republican light and not Republican on steroids.  Republicans have voted anti-American  for as long as I can remember.  Chomsky said it was the most dangerous organization on Earth.  I have seen this.

Don't forget the GOP continue Tax Breaks to Corporate Moochers to Outsource Jobs and Refuse to pass Jobs Bill for Veterans/Civilians. b/c being Corporate owned Communist loving Fascists says it all!

If you want to "fight tyranny", that's what it is. You realize that right???

If you want to "fight tyranny", that's what it is. You realize that right?