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Chai snickerdoodles

The idea for these cookies woke me up out of a dead sleep early the other morning. I occasionally have cooking dreams, but too often they involve food items that do not (and indeed, should not) exi…

Chocolate Chai Snickerdoodles

I saw these cookies in a post on Slashfood , last Tuesday. I felt so inspired I headed straight for the kitchen - even at in the morn.

Chai spiced snickerdoodles! Made these with fig butter instead of apple butter - om nom nom

Chai Spiced Snickerdoodles (vegan)

Vanilla Chai Cookies

I recently made a batch of vanilla sugar and was just itching to use it. I was patient and waited 2 weeks (almost) so I'd end up with a.

chai cake

Chai Cake

Being Chinese, tea drinking is big in my culture. You drink it boiling hot, strong and straight up. No sugar, no milk – just tea leaves and burn-your-tongue hot water. So when I tried chai…