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White Stilton with Fruit - Mango and Ginger Imported from England A perfect pairing of fruit and cheese Makes a splash at any buffet table with so many varieties Suitable for vegeta...

White Stilton with Fruit: White Stilton, the young, immature cousin to the world famous British blue cheese, is extra-creamy and deliciously tangy, but somehow unfinished all by itself - much like plain yogurt. Hence the need to introduce a fruit.

Traditional Wensleydale with Mango and Ginger (7.5 ounce) by igourmet

The superb texture of fresh Wensleydale is perfectly complemented by the tropical addition of mango and ginger to make this cheese a winner!

Cotswold - Pound Cut (1 pound) by igourmet - http://mygourmetgifts.com/cotswold-pound-cut-1-pound-by-igourmet/

A harmonious blend of mellow, crumbly cheese and powerful vegetables, Cotswold is a terrific complement to the softer, milder flavors on your cheese board.

Wensleydale with Cherry (8 ounce) by...

Wensleydale with Cherry! The cheese is a fresh, young cheese taken at only three weeks old - it has a clean, mild, slightly sweet flavor with a honeyed aftertaste.

Boschetto White Truffle Cheese, $79.99, now featured on Fab.

Boschetto White Truffle Cheese

Boschetto al Tartufo! Its base is a sweet, tender and mild cheese made from a careful blend of sheep's milk and cow's milk. Mixed throughout are shavings of rare, white truffle that transform the cheese into an addictive delicacy.

Coeur de Bigorre | Fromagerie Sten Marc Brest

Coeur de Bigorre | Fromagerie Sten Marc Brest

Cheddar and Claret: Buy Cheddar and Claret Online, Read Reviews at igourmet.com

Cheddar and Claret Claret is a term used by the English when referring to red wines from the Bordeaux region of France. This cheese (sometimes called "Windsor Red") blends the wine from France with the cheese from England into a beautiful, mottled cheese.