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Praying this for our daughters' future husbands ❤ Dear future husband, Find God, Find yourself, then come find my daughter.

Apologizing is easy, forgiving is harder for me....

Dear God if I hurt others, give me the strength to apologize. If people hurt me, give me the strength to forgive.~ people take note of this. This is something we all need to work on

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Prayer is the solution to worry. Allow God to take care of your problems :) Oh wow! This is powerful and true!

To my beautiful friends and family; struggling with self worth and love. Keep the coarse, your prayers will be answered, all you have to do is be patient and believe.

My relationship with God is my number one focus. I know that if I take care of that, God will take care of everything else. Keep your focus where it belongs. The LORD takes care of us.

"Story of my life watch everyone around me cutting of their right arm to make it. Many overtimes neglecting their kids half their entire childhood in daycares and pretending to have more than they do. I just praise God and he takes care of me.

Don't look back

Lord remove anybody out of my life means me no good, serves me no purpose, and is not real and loyal. Bless me with the discernment to realize and give me the strength to let go and don't look back.

"If God is making you wait, be prepared to receive more than you asked for." This might seem like your toughest season but trust he's with you every step of the way!