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A Pawzitibbly Apupro Name

A Pawzitibbly Apupro Name

Lol mine got ahold of pixie sticks... hilarious!!!!

'That cupcake is out of my reach, but who cares. It may be sour anyway'. This cute frustrated doggie saying to himself but still have his eyes on the cute cupcake.

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My hubby's idea of funny!

The 26 Most Wiener Dog Things To Ever Happen In The History Of Wiener Dogs. Bliss of the Vampire Dog.

Thought this was so funny.

Dog conversation - Still Hungry You've had breakfast Want more breakfast You'll get fat What's fat? It's what happends when you eat to much food Fat sounds awesome! Lets get fat!

Alaskan Klee Kai or mini husky. AGHH!!! OMG I really really need one of these!!!!!!!!

Alaskan Klee Kai or mini husky. I'm a big dogs lover as well as a Shepard Husky lover but I don't think my man likes big dogs. So I think this dog is the perfect compromise (a little dog that looks like one of my favorite big dogs)!

Mastim Tibetano - Raça declarada extinta, foi recriada no fim da década de 1800, pelos britânicos. Remotamente utilizada como raça protetora de lares e rebanhos, o que difundiu esta raça gigante pela Ásia e pelo continente europeu, passou a figurar em exposições de beleza pela Europa e América do Norte. Após mais de um século de cruzamentos seletivos, tornou-se um bom cão de companhia, embora em países de temperaturas mais baixas, devido a sua grossa pelagem.

animeasuka: “ taiomifox: “ This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff. This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff. This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff. This is a 5 month old Tibetan Mastiff.

I otter get my nails done hahahahaha.

This otter is SO excited to have a new friend - cute pets and animals, happy otter with teddy bear