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And these bitches wonder why. ... lol

Them bitchez could team up n never be the solid bitch I am! Get on my level

Strange? Yes!

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote It's just so strange. You used to love me, and now you're a stranger who happens to know all of my secrets. You broke my heart Sharing is Caring

Kindda what I think.

Let& keep it simple Respect my time Match my effort Keep your word Always be honest Stay consistent MommyFrazzled Hosts Images Around The Web : Funny Quotes and Inspirations

how did i get so lucky? <3

1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas and I had the privilege to meet you. So sweet.

Haha people say I have laughing probs lol

So me! And then everybody looks at me like I grew another head asks: "What's so funny?" And I have to try to look serious when I say: "Nothing.

Your first criticisms/attempts at personal improvements should always be aimed at your mirror. :)

This is so true.and amazing how easily it comes to some people.“Don’t point out other people’s flaws because you’re not perfect! You have to look in the mirror before you can look out the window.

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Its my life. The choices I make and paths I take are greatly influenced by the pain I have survived and the life I want to live for myself

There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.