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The is unfortunately true...

Sad, but true Putin makes more sense than obama. He refuses to let Islam into his government told Obama off regarding his use of Monsanto seeds and letting it into our food.

....yes when dems are losing their footing is everyone else's fault and they spread lies ....Asange is a truth speaker.

"Scream" as I'm called. I'm blue eyes. I'm a "ginger" less I change it what I'm been.

Obama joke of the month | The Oregon Catalyst

While the House of Representatives was voting on Wednesday to hold disgraced former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was in sunny California with President Barack Obama to raise money for the Democratic

Time for people to take responsibility for themselves and their own communities  Shifting responsibility is an excuse and a reason to continue criminality

If black lives matter maybe they should stop killing themselves the truth isn't racist, it's just the truth, of which we do not speak.

The blindness by her supporters blows away the few of us with a sane mind. How can her criminal selfishness using a private server to represent & protect the US citizens as Secretary of State, a felonious capital offense under FBI investigation, be over looked by her beloved voting narcissists? Or, her blatant misrepresentation and lies to family members of dead Americans be ignored? Wake up America.

The problem isn't that Hillary is unethical corrupt lying criminal dirt bag - Everyone knows that. The problem is that her supporters don't care.

Break the speed limit - cops have the right to ask for ID - unless of course, you are Hispanic

Blacks, Arabs, Hindus, and any other race need to stop with automatically throwing down the race card. Get a thick skin.