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TopGear Humor! - I don't always downshift. But when I do it's next to a Prius, so they can hear me hurt the environment.

Jeremy Clarkson - TOP GEAR Okay. I am all for the environment, but Clarkson is just amazing, he could do that next to my prius anyday!

“Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” quote-of-the-day | Fellowship of the Minds

Not surprising that one nasty stink weed with no regard for life idolizes another nasty stink weed with no regard for life.

There's been a lot of shit flying around in the past few months, but at least we got some solid memes out of it.

20 Of The Best Political Memes From The 2016 Race

Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason. -Mark Twain

Funny pictures about Mark Twain On Every Politician. Oh, and cool pics about Mark Twain On Every Politician. Also, Mark Twain On Every Politician photos.

eyebrow makeup fails | Eyebrows Ever! Funny Eyebrows, Bad Eyebrows Fashion fails, bad makeup ...

The Worst Eyebrows Vol. III: 17 More Fashion Fails!

Live Clinton Arrest Fox News Alert: Black FBI Suburbans With Sirens in Front of…

Dafuq… but how?

Dafuq… but how?

seriously ever since i saw the first person like this in the guinness book of world records, that has been the thought that has ALWAYS plagued me.same thing for chicks who get ridiculously long nails put on.i just cannot wrap my mind around that.