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Polish The Stars: Potion Jars

Apothecary and Potion Bottle Ideas , including contents

October | 2006 | The Show Must Go On cinemagypsy.wordpress.com360 × 270Search by image I stacked them by month starting with April of ’06 (far left). The tallest stack is what he took in August. Over a thousand Lortabs prescribed by the same doctor. He took

My favorite holiday. Just trying to get some good ideas.

Owl Eggs

Owl Eggs

Real snake wine from Vietnam. | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!/ my Hubby says this was 'nasty'.

Instagram Post by 🌸Tia Tran🌸 (@tia_tran710)

Ok NOT using snake wine from Vietnam! BUT, I could place rubber snakes in bottles to compliment specimen jars with or without glowing water.

Small  part of the Kitchen

Small part of the Kitchen

Spells & Potions

Spells & Potions

The Brain Jar

The Brain Jar

A great recipe for making paper mache perfect for use on rotting zombies and mummy props! - må prøves..

A great recipe for making paper mache perfect for use on rotting zombies and mummy props! - or dead animal center pieces?

Simple Jack-o'Lantern craft for little kids that will light up your Halloween (no carving required!)

We've discovered a great alternative to the traditional pumpkin jack-o-lanterns. You see, I have four kids age six and under, and they all want to carve a pumpkin.

DIY: Potion Bottles fit for the Witch’s apothecary  Change up a bit for our purpose

DIY: Recycled Containers Get A Facelift For Halloween - bottles are plastic vitamin bottles! The writing is from a glue gun & the bottles were painted with chalk paint.

Transform any bottle into the perfect witch's decanter come this Halloween with just a little black spray paint and some creative computer labels. Both elegant and fun.

I wish i had seen this before pitching my wine bottles!Pick Your Poison Don't toss that empty bottle. Instead make it part of your spooky Halloween decor. Collect empty glass bottles throughout .

Killer13 from HF - There is a "Dollar Store" near my house.  They had a 3 pack of neon yellow highlighters for a dollar.  So I bought three 3 packs, took them apart and soaked the "cores" in a little water.  After about 15 mins. of soaking I squished all the fluid out of the cores.  Here is how it turned out.  This is just with the camera flash.  I can't wait to get a UV LED behind it!

Ingredients Bottles - Page 2

DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars. Found at Design DNA here. She got lots of the parts from the Dollar Store. My tip: Halloween Labels can also be found on Flickr and Google - but the Gold Standard for creepy labels is Love Manor here at Flickr. Also found at Design DNA - Spell, Curses and Potion Books here.

Design DNA: DIY Apothecary Jars, candle sticks, wooden finials and plain glass jars.

Spooky Blue - how to make hands

The Grumble Scarecrow - Terror on a stick

Spells & Potion Cabinet

Spells & Potion Cabinet