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Grafik 76

Roller Skates - vintage roller skate - Heels - disco diva rockin rebel roller girl <<<< not even. This cannot be real

I so wanna see a runway show where the models wear these!

Cruise Shoes hey u got he club heels and u got the diving flippers lol! what more u want hahahaha!

Mojito Shoe Julian Hakes

Wait, This Is a Shoe?

London architect Julian Hakes has designed a pair of shoes with no foot plate. Called Mojito, the design consists of a single piece that wraps around the wearer& foot, forming support for the heel and ball.

Golden Hamburger | BRANSCH artist Thomas Hannich photographed a golden hamburger created by model-maker Arndt von Hoff especially for this photo shoot.

Burger by Thomas Hannich and Arndt von Hoff. it had to happen sooner or later. a gold burger.

Nick Verreos: The McQueen of China: Designer Guo Pei's "Arabian 1002Th Night" Haute Couture Fashion Show

Another 15 Totally Crazy Shoes (crazy shoes, funny shoes, unusual shoes) - ODDEE Good luck trying to walk with a pair of these. Created by Guo Pei - a chinese haute couture designer dubbed 'Alexander Mcqueen of China' (Thanks, Joanne).

Artistaday.com : Tel-Aviv, Israel artist Costa Magarakis #LeatherArt #LeatherSculpture #Leather

Tel Aviv, Israel artist Costa Magarakis

Mexed media Scorpion high heal Shoe by spiderjelly on Etsy. It's Mexed media and very scary!