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Best things bout best friends (:

Yep this is me and my bestie we all love the squad and we sorta act like a mini fam when one is hurt we find out who we have to hurt and make the friend feel better

Hehe!!! @cortlinbeck I'm pretty sure you told me this word for word last week after we were done skiing and were brushing our skis off :)

Inspiring Quotes About Friendship

quotes about friendship. This is definitely me and my best friend. We went to different high schools and we still talk at least every other day

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AHAHA, Now what makes you. Think that...?

Uh-hu I would love doing that with sharlette and sathvika if we lived in same community

A part of me is gone after losing both parents. I don't think I'll ever be quite the same

The moment that you left me, my heart was split in two; one side was filled with memories; the other side died with you . Remembering you is easy, I do it every day; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I miss you Dad

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Favorites From The Gift Guide: Fun Stocking Stuffers

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You make my life worth living, like u once said If I never met u my life would be a dull and boring life and u were right because I cant even imagine what I would do if u and I never became friends and I cant even remember a lot from the time before I met u.

I know you as a friend a best friend a sister You are there through ups and downs You make the day an adventure You make my life the funniest joke We fit like the moon and the sun We duel like dark VS. Light You made me laugh and have hope that I would.

Me and my best friend sometimes. CHLOE!!! Talking about you

"I did not slap you. I high fived your face. funny animal memes, animal pictures with captions, funny animals

Daily dose of love quotes here

with my ex best friends who decided that I'm no longer good enough.But it's also apart of my current relationship now.I feel like I'm not apart of anyone's life anymore.

If you tell me a secret and don't expect me to tell it to my best friend, you're sadly mistaken.

19 Things You Know If Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Soulmate

If you tell me a secret and don't expect me to tell it to my best friend, you're sadly mistaken.