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If you make your bridesmaids dress up as Disney princesses, you're probably not ready for marriage.

this is a cool concept to have each bridesmaid based off of a disney princess! Disney Princesses - Tangled-Inspired Wedding With Disney Princess Bridesmaids.

I've been saying this for years

My body is a temple! Why don't you have tattoos."Do you see a Ferrari with bumper stickers?

Book of rap

On May 14th 1940 Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe bombed Rotterdam during the German invasion of the Netherlands in World War II. This is how we remember every year. The lights mark the fire boundaries.

The book of rap - this is sooooo stinkn funny I can't take it!

This is really painful to read bc I just had two of my teeth pulled ouch but funny

17 hilarious kid quotes that will crack you up I never allowed my boys to say "shut up" either, it sounds terrible and I didn't say it to them.

Alternative phrases to "calm your tits"

Alternative phrases to "calm your tits"

fat-little-virgin: “ wickedlywenchy: “ “ Alternative phrases to “calm your tits” ” Hakuna your tatas……love that one! ” Don’t have a rack attack lol ”


oh holy shit. I am going to start texting parenting warnings to random numbers.

funny movie quotes | beasts of the southern wild reference

My morning except I have my phone plus husbands phone set 2 minutes apart for every alarm. Plus extra last minute wake up clock alarm.