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hair, beard, suspenders. duh.

pinner said: Perfect beard with suspenders. there you go, thats my ideal guy. kind face, skinny but not scrawny, thick hair, and nice beard

Suspenders and beard? Oh my.

Fashion for the Men: Pt. 3 Suspenders Fashion is a great thing, you can tell the world something about who you are in just once glance. Men sometimes think that they don’t have as many option…

Mario Milan for Reflex Magazine, photo by Ruben Suarez

Tatouages inspirations #16

Ok, not a fan of long hair or beards on men; not a fan of extreme tattoos, not a fan of high waisted jeans or suspenders on men. BUT, DAMN! This fellas, is having SWAG -- AND OWNING IT!


Check out these trendy hairstyles on guys with amazing tattoos! 25 of the best men's haircuts and tattoo combinations.

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Men of my dreams*-*

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Teach me your ways, oh great one.

Men’s Heroic Warrior Hairstyles – Gaelic, Braids, Gothic, Samurai, Viking, Celtic

*Beast *ManBun *model *Beards *Samurai Nothing screams male like a beard and a sword.