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Sườn heo chiên sả ớt thơm mùi sả và có vị cay nhẹ của ớt rất ngon miệng và hấp dẫn.
Vietnamese Pork Chops - traditional Vietnamese pork chops with a caramelized glaze of oyster sauce, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, and honey. | tamingofthespoon.com
Mách bạn thêm một cách kho thịt ngon tuyệt đỉnh 10
This is my most favorite noodle dish! Vietnamese Bun Rieu Crab Noodle Soup | The Ravenous Couple
Vietnamese Caramelized Pork                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Chao tom, or Vietnamese sugar cane shrimp is one of the appetizer dishes that your guest will absolutely adore. The sweet thing about making these chao tom (sugar cane shrimp) at home is that you can wrap as much shrimp paste around the sugar cane as possible, so every bite was a mouthful of delicious and springy shrimp paste. Yum!
Meatball sandwiches. I use 1 cup of cheese per pound of meat. Makes all the difference
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