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Adobe Plaster or Conventional Stucco? | Straw Bale Construction

In 22 years of building straw bale homes, I have tested clay or adobe plaster, stucco, earth plaster with straw in New Mexico and across the Southwest USA

Southwest Style Strawbale Home - Mediterranean - Entry - san diego ...

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Straw Bale Construction | straw bale walls straw bale walls in urban southwestern united states ...

Over the past Paja Construction has pioneered straw bale walls in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and New Mexico. The terraced look of straw bale and stucco

Built with straw bale construction ... Our dream home

Here are 7 great reasons why you should consider building your next house with Straw Bales:

Straw bales are a highly insulative, low-embodied-energy, natural building material made from an agricultural waste product. For many, they are locally available and affordable. Straw is easy to work with for people new to construction as they are flexible and can be very forgiving.

Straw Bale House Construction Why build a straw bale house? Straw bales are a highly insulative, low-embodied-energy, natural building material made from

Beautiful straw bale house - interior of home

Love this staircase. Beautiful straw bale house - interior of home

straw bale home construction - would love to start small with a straw bale shed.

Straw bale construction-diagram (I heard that hay bales don't burn. Another good reason, besides insulating value, to use this construction.

Barn Conversion with Straw Bale Vault, Earth Plaster and Bottle Walls

AT - Strohballenhäuser in Austria Archive - Strohballenbau

Natural Building Resources: New SB House

Sustainable Building Alliance an educational organization helping people build environmentally friendly strawbale homes. Look at photos of many different strawbale styles.

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Straw Bale Homes are Beautiful  A modern Staw Bale home with Passive Solar and Solar Photovoltaic design.

straw bale house interior - like the curves on the door frame and the fact that it's a solid wood door. No hollow wood doors for us please.

Hale Bale Home

Earth Sweet Home - Off the Grid Straw Bale Construction (Straw Bale House in…