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What's a Bailed-Out Banker Really Worth? by Rebecca Simon

This painting is part of "The Banker" series, which explores the morality of fat cat bankers working on Wall Street.

Rebecca Reeves

Family Room

Rebecca Reeves


by simonGman Leon Moisseif the designer of the ill fated Tacoma Narrows Bridge created some wonderful detail in the the Manhattan Bridge. I do not think that he would recognise this part of his East River suspension bridge

Marbled Wake

"Marbled Wake" - Photography Limited Edition Art Print by SylvieCeres Designs.

посмотри, как я могу

jumping out of swings. now there would be a lawsuit if some school let somebody's kid jump out of a swing. do they even have swingsets on playgrounds anymore. Do schools even have playgrounds anymore?

Street rider by andres Kal on 500px

Street rider by andres Kal on