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Watch This German Shepherd Puppy Grow Up Before Your Eyes

A Day In The Life Of 12 Alaskan Sled Dogs

A Day In The Life Of 12 Alaskan Sled Dogs

Photographer Diana Zalucky takes a 300 mile journey across Alaska with 12 sled dogs.

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Purrs, Drools, and Cuddly Cuteness: 15 Adorable Pictures of Babies and Their Pets - For some families baby doesn’t make three -- it makes four. Check out these oh-so-cute (and pretty funny!) pictures of babies and their pets sleeping together!

Bull Terrier ≳✦✩↬@qveenparĸ↫✩✦

Bull Terrier ≳✦✩↬@qveenparĸ↫✩✦

29 Dogs Who've Just Made Poor Life Choices

21 Dogs Who Immediately Regretted Their Unfortunate Decisions - Hot Pop Pets

“Sprich nicht mit mir, wenn Du kein Leckerli hast.” | 17 muffelige Welpen

17 muffelige Welpen

17 mérges tekintetű kutyus, akik még így is elrabolják a szívedet

A friend of mine's puppy, Gotham, was not happy with another dog in his house.

First time meeting the old man of the house, who is not exactly thrilled