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Ann Gish ruffled shower curtain - I got one for my mommy too :)

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This is gorgeous and the ruffles would help weigh the curtain down so it doesn't get sucked in against you when showering.  DIY Waves of Ruffles Shower Curtain.

DIY Waves of Ruffles Shower Curtain

#greenandblues - we used this for a bathroom design and the kids adore this piece - forget the customized tile work! :)

Flamenco Shower Curtain from Anthropologie. I love anything with ruffles and the color combination is really pretty, perfect for a spa-sation bathroom!

DIY...you could make this no sew if you lined the back of it so you wouldn't see the hot glue.  (Like the Christmas Tree skirt)  Sewing may be easier though!

DIY Anthropologie Flamenco Shower Curtain in Sunshine

DIY Anthropologie Flamenco Shower Curtain in Sunshine - Taylor Made. would like a different color scheme

Pleated white shower curtain Worldmarket.com  $29.99

textured white - so you could just bleach it if needed, and it would still let plenty of light into the shower area and you could use whatever colors you wanted for decor.

I need about 14 tubs in my home to house all the shower curtains I cant live without!

for the tub. would love to know where i can purchase this. versatile white shower curtains make changing bathroom color schemes (with towels or paint) a breeze.