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Gorilla & chimp pals

A rare encounter of a baby gorilla and a chimpanzee examining leaves at the Evaro Gorilla Orphanage in Gabon. Normally, the two species do not interact much. Photo Credit & Copyright: National Geographic / Michael Poliza — with Pratik Sagar.

An unsteady baby chimp takes steps away from his mother at a zoo.  - photo by Konrad Wothe

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In this photo a baby chimp is seen taking its first steps away from its mother. Photographer Konrad Wothe captured the chimp's first brave steps towards his camera in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania, Africa.

Ape - before 900; Middle English; Old Englishapa; cognate with Old Saxon apo, Old Norse api, Old High German affo(German Affe)

Ape - before Middle English; cognate with Old Saxon apo, Old Norse api, Old High German affo(German Affe)

Baby gorilla, photo by A.J. Haverkamp

Baby gorilla, photo by A. Haverkamp Definitely one of the baby gorillas in my tattoo

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I just had to pin the cute little chimp! Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens L. Zoo Welcomes Two Baby .

Orangutan with an umbrella #EarthPix Photo via @FollowMeFarAway

Orangutan in The Rain, Bali, Indonesia. “I was taking pictures of some Orangutans in Bali and then it started to rain. Just before I put my camera away, I saw this Orangutan took a.