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vintage-sexist-ads Palmolive soap- because skin is more enticing than wits or personality

photo chubbette.jpg

Vintage ad encouraging mothers to dress their chubby daughters in slimming clothes, ca.

Anacin (1969).

'when boredom and emotional fatigue bring on "housewife headache"' - anacin tablets, 1969

Controversial advertisements from the past via Mamamia

Controversial advertisements from the past

What young girl wouldn't feel better about herself if she wore Chubbettes? Yes, this was a real clothing line in the and for "bigger" girls. A girl's body Image problems started early.

Chubbettes. All the rage.

Chubby lass--Chubette clothing---what a blast from the past! My sister used to wear these clothes but today she is thin.

Vintage Advertising - Palmolive

10 More Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

"I love my husband far too much to risk getting dry, lifeless 'middle-age' skin! How you, too, can keep your complexion lovely with this soap made with olive oil!

Advertising - Selling soap, ketchup and cigarettes – and offending women world over – in Sexist Ads - Not Cool

Del Monte Ketchup You Mean a Woman can open it most sexist advertising extremely sexism sexist print ads of the Housewives chauvinism chauvinistic advertisements mad men don worst funny draper

The best way to get through life is properly sedated.  Miles Laboratories ‘Nervine’ tablets ad, 1940.

Miles Laboratories ‘Nervine’ tablets ad, would find a smack round the head works better then nerve tablets LOL