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Modified Guided Reading for ELLs - Download this lesson plan for FREE!

Modified Guided Reading for ELLs

This article and example discuss how this teacher accommodates her ELL students by providing modified guided reading papers for her ELL students to be successful. She also makes sure she chooses the right text and constantly checks for understanding

anecdotal notes guided reading upper level..Free

From Busy Teacher's Cafe: Guided Reading Anecdotal Notes-A Guided reading observation list that is easy to check off observed reading behaviors!

Guided Reading Lesson Plan template and anecdotal notes page Thomas' Teachable Moments

Guided Reading Template and Anecdotal Notes Template

A FREE Download to help you with reading fluency and analyzing your running record assessments. A Miscue Analysis Menu to reference.

Miscue Analysis Menu for Visual Errors (MsJordanReads)

Grab practical ways to plan for any guided reading group with the free checklist and lesson planning template!

9 Essential Questions When Planning For Guided Reading

Reading Fluency with an App

Reading Fluency with an App

I made a new Guided Reading handout for my Guided Reading binder to keep track of my Guided Reading Notes.

Guided Reading Notes

Guided Reading Notes - Read about this super easy way to take Guided Reading Notes on this post and grab a freebie -Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

wow, lots of good stuff, I couldn't read it all, but I'll be printing some things.

A simple, easy to read 2 page guided reading plan template. Includes a section for word work, book introduction, vocabulary, anecdotal notes and common core standards addressed in the lesson.