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it would be so fun to have these lenses on my phone!

Holga Camera Lens for Apple iPhone This rotating disk attaches to your Apple iPhone camera, and features 9 different lenses for your iPhone.

i can't wait to get these because i'm totally addicted to the instagram and hipstamatic apps! cell phone camera telephoto, fisheye and wide/macro lenses to work with most cell cameras. $49 for all three.

Photojojo's Magnetic Phone Lens Series

Lenses for your cell phone camera.they stick to your phone magnetically when you want to use them to take pics. Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Phone Lenses Pro-style lenses with high quality glass for phone pics with a serious punch.

iPhone case w/ camera strap. If i think of something, its available online! The iPhone Rangefinder - The Photojojo Store!

The iPhone Rangefinder

The iPhone Rangefinder- A shutter button, tripod mount, viewfinder, and magnetic lenses for a complete phoneography system. - The Photojojo Store!

Zeiss Fisheye, Macro and Wide Angle Lenses for Camera Phone . This is worth a pin

Fisheye, Macro/Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses for your camera phone.

7. Laptop Case

Laptop cover for book lovers. Maybe if you had a book no longer used that was the right size, you could make your Mom or Dad a laptop cover for their computer using it.

Eternal Poppety Pop

BUBBLE WRAP DESIGN KEY CHAIN~ Never-ending bubble wrap popper. Might be a good sensory tool for kids with autism or ADHD. -I don't care who they were invented for, ever person needs this!


More modern & creative product/industrial designs

More modern & creative product/industrial designs - This Goldfish Phone Charger also acts as a cord holder and stand which help keep those pesky cords out of site.

here's the key......the kid opens the gift thinks its just some puzzle and says "yay thank you!" flips it over and yells OMG OMG OMG I CANT BLEIVE IT ITS A PHONEAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Playing games on your smartphone now takes on a whole new meaning. Puregear Gamer Case for Apple iPhone 5 - A-Maze-Ing (Blue/Red)

WANT!!! Bondi Flexible Holder - SkyMall

Super flexible Bondi holds your cell phone, iPod, keys, note pad. I want!