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mostly what I want

So a friend asked me to design a stargazer lily tattoo for her.she was supposed to get this tattooed but she got preggers. Anyway, I have no imagina. Lower Back Stargazer

No os recuerda a los cristales de las iglesias???                              …

FLORAL SPLENDOR** Stained Glass Window Panel(Signed and Dated)

Stained Glass peacock feather panel by dragonflyglas63 on Etsy, $300.00

Stained Glass peacock feather panel on Etsy - There's so much to love here! Gorgeous, vibrant analogous colors, interesting lines, and good use of texture in the glass.

Nancy Katz and Mark Liebowitz are amazing artists, creating beautiful and spiritually inspiring works in silk and glass.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have a thing for the Tree of Life. Tree of Life stained glass panel, designed by Nancy Katz.

Water Lilly Tattoo! No butterlfy. I want dragonflies for each of the kids.

Flower Tattoo # 88 - Sexiest lotus flower tattoo idea ever. Sexy purple lotus flowers floating on water and a sexy purple butterfly flying around it. We think you can't find sexier tattoo theme like this for inking your skin:)

Lilie Stargazer Tiger Lily tattoos | Tiger lily

Tiger lily tattoo I got this tattoo on my lower back. It was done at Hawk's Tattoos in Galesburg, Illinois. It is my tattoo, and this picture was taken the day it was done.