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Bora Bora didn’t get hit hard at all, but we saw devastation in Raiatea when we visited just after the cyclone passed. Description from stephendanko.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

A wonderful vacation in the South Pacific deserves a wonderful sunset. Danko on 07 April SOURCE: Bora Bora…

Sunrises are a reminder that every day is a fresh start...a reset in life. No need to hold onto the memories of yesterday. Today is a new opportunity to create new magic. Today and always. Coming soon to https://itsmypleasure.com.au are the reminders we've learnt and desire to share <3

Bat swarm at sunset, Phnom Sampow, Cambodia, by Jean De Spiegeleer. I CAN'T believe it, but bats are actually mammals!

FINLAND ♦♦ Tranquil end of the day ♦♦ This calm sunset occurred over lake Näsijärvi in Teisko, Finland. #photo by juusooikarinen #Auringonlasku Calm Finland Järvi Kevät Kivi Lake Metsä Näsijärvi Punainen Puu Puut Rauhallinen Red Spring Sunset Suomi Tampere Teisko Tranquil Tree Tyyni Vesi Water dry heinä.hay kuiva rock stone #sunset sun sunrise sunlight sky clouds landscape seascape water lake ocean sea reflection forest stone beach tree nature amazing

This calm sunset occurred over lake Näsijärvi in Teisko, Finland.

Heading Home....

Autumn migration The birds make the photo great adding in the sunset and the mirror reflection of the lake make the photo feel calm and safe. It has a relaxing feel

Good Morning

Good Morning

Photography of nature that reminds us to keep it simple. Nature is amazing at reminding of how life moves effortlessly. More on our stories of the lessons we observed by embedding ourselves in nature will soon land on https://itsmypleasure.com.au


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Dream Land by DanielJGreenwood yellow trees sky flowers red forest beauty sunset color water flower travel blue sun light clouds tr