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If the cigarette tax is meant to discourage smoking, then is the income tax meant to discourage working?

Seriously, they defend the very people who would throw them off a building if given the chance. Morons.

Facebook Wednesday ….. Plus!!

This is how people who don't care, but think they have an opinion to inflict on others speak their mind: passively through Ecards. Not disagreeing, just sayin.

i live in florida but im a mix of kentucky/new mexico/wyoming

The 50 States of America if they were actually high school kids. "Utah doesn't go to school. Utah is home schooled" xD is nobody gonna talk about Puerto Rico doe?

Who said pilots don't have a sense of humor?

Actual Exchanges Between Pilots And Control Towers. The Last One Is Gold.

Actual exchanges between air traffic control and airplanes: Who said pilots don't have a sense of humor?

Humor: Emails Didn't Disappear — The Patriot Post

This is a healthy, nutritious lunch? Somehow, we all knew this had to be lurking in the background somewhere when it comes to Michelle Obama and the inedible

Redneck Humor: Musical definitions for rednecks...

Leanin' Tree - "Redneck Medicine" by Crash Cooper - medical definitions redneck-style are sure to induce smiles and giggles galore. Inside verse: "By any definition, a get well wish is a get well wish

Shoulda bought an old VW beetle...

Tiny car, I hit a deer, Deer laughed and walked away, Hahahaha - I always wondered. They make deer horns for car in Sporting & Hunting section for driving on Country Roads, only deer can hear horn