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i'm into orange right now..

i'm into orange right now..

To demystify self-screening and have some fun with the holidays, the men's cancer-awareness group Orchid has gone altogether ballsy, coming out with a tree ornament in the shape of a...let's go with Christmas present. Dangling in the open, the bauble won't let you forget to, as the website says: "Check your Bauballs." Following Movember's experiments in facial hair, we can get used to this new male fixation

Decorate your tree with some festive bravado and help a good cause by grabbing or sharing some Bauballs. We’ve teamed up with Orchid to create some Christmas tree ornaments that raise money and awareness of testicular cancer.

Kate Hudson Workout: 4 Pilates Excercises for Flat Abs and a Tight Butt - Shape Magazine

Kate Hudson Reveals Her Sexy Body Secret

Because i live kate! Get flat abs and a toned butt with the Kate Hudson's 4 favorite Pilates exercises.

VS Most-loved Yoga short... now I've just got to work on getting my legs thin enough to fit into them.

The Most-Loved Yoga Short - Victoria's Secret. I have them in black/light purple. =) one if my Christmas presents from Chris ;

I don’t know about you guys but for me I train even harder when it becomes Fall/Winter &I’m already busting my ass off extra hard! Sundays’ are the best days to start your week off right! I trained legs and glutes. What about you?Tweet me @haierynnn

robolikesifit 20 Best Cardio Exercises For : October has fallen upon us and that means, the Holiday’s are creeping as well. And it’s normal to put on pounds during the Holidays.