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Modern Tarot Journal - free printable journal to help you explore the meanings of the major and minor arcana cards
Make your own DIY tarot journal using these PDF printable tarot planners and journals. Each planner includes a month of daily tarot spreads!
Seventh Element: Starting a Tarot Journal (finally...)
78 small tarot stickers - 1 sticker for each of the 78 tarot cards - Based on…
Daily - one page .
Hang crystals in your Witches' Garden to ward off negativity and increase positive energy in the space. Also creates a dramatic prismatic display for magickal ambiance.
Free Printable Tarot Journal - geometric modern Tarot journal with a page for each card. You can use this to note down keywords and the personal meanings that the Major and Minor Arcana manifest in your life.
This is SO cool: Free Printable Tarot Journal.  #tarot