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Fernand Léger

Mais quel cirque! Léger au pays des cercles en action - Expo

Regarded as the forerunner of the up and coming Pop Art style, Fernand Leger was a French painter, sculptor and filmmaker, working in his own form of cubism, modified into a figurative style. He originally trained as an architect, and worked as an architectural draftsman in Paris in 1900. By 1903, after a brief stint in the Versailles military service, Leger enrolled at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, and later applied to the School of Fine Arts, where he was rejected. Nevertheless…

Woman with Parrot Artist: Fernand Leger Completion Date: 1941

Fernand Leger lithograph "Jeune fille a la fleur"

Fernand Leger lithograph "Jeune fille a la fleur" edition of 1000

1941 Les Grands Plongeurs (The Divers), by Josef Fernand Henri Léger (1881~1955)

Fernand Leger, Les grands plongeurs (The Divers), 1941