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Joy is contagious!

Be joyful and spread it around . what the world needs is more joy and less stress, less hate, less sadness. Be the one who creates joy today in your little corner of the world.

Never thought of this before. I think for awhile that would be awesome to do but I really want my soul to be with the one that I love. In heaven as an angel or reincarnated into a bird.

look forward

"Don't look back, beautiful, you're not going that way," Jadon whispered to Abby, stroking her silky soft hair as her head leaned against his shoulder. "The only thing to do is to look ahead. That's where you're going.

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Switchtude: Attract Money/Money Magnet EC How to use: Color Print and Laminate Drink Charged water. Chant I am a money magnet & Write 808 on your left hand Under Pillow Write your name in it with date of birth Carry in your pocket/wallet

JOY ~ Jesus Others Yourself <3

Down in my heart to stay! (I used to sing this in church all the time when I was a kid)❤