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Botany Professor: The symmetry of plants

Coral polyps have a wheel-like, or radial symmetry, when viewed from the top. You could slice it intoidentical halves by cutting through the center at anyangle.

Plant growth is governed by the Fibonacci sequence, which can be understood as a law of accumulation. The role of the Fibonacci…

“ 10 Photos Of Geometrical Plants For Symmetry Lovers Who said math can’t be interesting? Fractals like these can seem too perfect to be true, but they occur in nature and plants all.


25 plantas geométricamente perfectas que tienen algo hipnótico y cautivador cuando las miramos

Crassula Buddha's Temple Plant with link to 25 stunning photographs of sacred geometry and fractals In nature.

Plants are Asexual which means they reproduce on there own these are there reproductive parts

Scanning electron micrograph of part of a thale cress flower, showing the male and female reproductive organs. The female part of the flower, the pistil (the blue feathery structure on an olive green.

Bubble Coral

ⒷⓊⒷⒷⓁⒺⓈ~sea anemones:-) This is a Bubble Coral:-) we have one in our Saltwater Tank-it has a Large Mouth in the center and Eats Frozen Silversides (fish) it is Amazing!

Nikon MicroscopyU | Small World Competition | 2012

, more commonly known as brain coral, can live for over 900 years. During the night, brain corals feed by extending tentacles to catch food; these tentacles are folded within the grooves of their surfaces for protection during the day.