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This is a question everyone considering online learning should asked themselves. It is not for everyone because some people need that physical classroom setting to be productive. I don't. I like the flexibility and convenience of learning on the web because learning fits around my life and my schedule, and not the other way around.

This e learning infographic clearly explains the pros and cons and advantages of online learning.

Safe Online Dating Tips

A bit cartoony for my illustration style taste, but here are tips for the million singletons who use online dating on how to stay safe while finding their true love!

The Changing Classroom Experience at Duke University

The Changing Classroom Experience at Duke University

Transforming Education at Duke University

Leaders at Duke University describe how teaching and learning are evolving with changes in information technology, in this video produced in collaboration wi.

Decline of Paper Infographic...no decline in the information just the format it's served in.

Decline of Paper Infographic.no decline in the information just the format it's served in.

The battle between e-textbooks and print textbooks. Will traditional survive?

E-Textbooks: To Buy or Not Buy? The cost of books has skyrocketed and has placed on a heavy burden on students. Are e-textbooks a answer to the problem? Here is a neat infographic to help you understand how others view e-textbooks.

How does the brain benefit from bilingualism? Check it out on Edudemic.

There are number of strong cognitive benefits for bilingual speakers. For example, speaking two languages means the brain develops denser grey matter, improves children’s test scores, and affords higher salaries across a large number of professions.

How Big is Google

How Big is Google [Infographic]