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Quick and easy Zombie Dirt Dessert is a seasonal favorite among kids and fun to decorate with Palmer® Skulls and shortbread tombstones!

Vintage Zombie Party Dirt Cup (Mousse) by Three Little Monkeys Studio. I want to have a zombie party!

Zombie Party { + Monster Munch Recipe

Spooktacularly simple to make, and scary easy to decorate, these tote-able Zombie Graveyard Brownies would be a hit at any Halloween get-together.

Zombie Graveyard Brownies

Easy and spooky fun-to-make graveyard brownies with zombie hands and cookie tombstones! You can make them with just a few ingredients from the baking aisle.

Happy dipping! | How To Make An Insanely Delicious Haunted Chocolate-Cheesecake Dip For Halloween

How To Make A Graveyard-Themed Dessert Dip For Halloween

This is basically a spooky graveyard version of dirt pudding. This is one of 7 cute and easy treats to make for Halloween.

zombie eyes - so so so easy to make - the kids will LOVE them

Easy Halloween Treats for your Classroom Parties (or just for fun!)

Zombie Eyeball Treats Recipe (you'll have to scroll down quite a bit): Waffle pretzels, lime green candy melts, M&Ms, red sprinkles and black icing.

The Walking Dead viewing party treats

Items similar to Zombie Cupcake Toppers - Digital Print inch for Zombie Apocalypse Party on Etsy

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cake is a quick and easy no bake dessert for family dinners and gatherings this fall.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cake