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This is just too hilarious not to post.lol

-College applications should be free. Why should I pay to be rejected? -just saying -wait. they're not free? -not in America -Wait, where are they free? -literally everywhere else

So I visited tumblr today...

So I visited tumblr today

It's annoying how we're expected to retain every little detail given to us.  It's the same as learning what interests us, we're not going to pay as much attention just because of a grade, we're going to pay attention because it's relevant to our futures.

When students cheat on exams it's because our school system values grades more than students value learning -Neil deGrasse Tyson

that last comment tho

actually we had help from the french and a few other countries and i think a few of the native americans? idk we americans dont even know our own dang history<<<Just help from the French :)

america vs everyone tumblr - Google Search

Actually America uses the traditional English, even if we use a lot of slang. England is actually the one who changed the English language, because they didn't want to be anything like America

I gotta admit, find the twelve year old and find the vegan are two of my absolute favorite games.

Russian geography teacher couldn't find projector (up his head) and drew a world map himself

Comeback hack

" Life hack: when someone makes a racist/sexist joke, say, with all seriousness, "I don't get it. Can you explain it." Then watch them crash and burn.

This would totally be me.

Some tumblr posts I found while trying to clean up my files.

How the British feel about America

im merican<< I'm laughing bcs this is what most of my friends think of Europe