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Riding a zebra

American travel documentary filmmaker Osa Johnson on a zebra in Kenya, ca. 1930 in book Women Travelers: A Century of Trailblazing Adventures,

Life as a Medical Zebra with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Zebra view from behind with curved spine, neck and mane. What a pretty view. Beautiful Black and White Animal Photography by Wolf Ademeit.

nationalgeographicdaily:    Zebras, ZambiaPhoto: Craig Arnold

Zebras, Zambia Photograph by Craig Arnold , My Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures A three-week-old zebra plays with an older zebra . (This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.) See more pictures of adorable animal pairs


Osa Johnson, adventurer and American documentary filmmaker, riding a zebra, Photo from the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.

Zebras, Bandia Safari, Senegal  Trip to Senegal 74 by The-Playmobil

Daddy zebras black with white stripes. White with black stripes. My dad told me this once whilst visiting belle vue zoo. I believed him for years and used to tell people about the zebras !


Tracked this to its source & changed the click-through to reflect it: "Bokeh Zebra Colourful Bird," by Greg McMullin,-- The bird is a lilac breasted roller.

Biologists say Zebras' stripes are a form of camoflage called "motion dazzle."  When a herd moves together, their stripes blur the boundaries between individuals, so they appear to one large animal.  This is believed to confuse predators & make it harder to pick out a single animal to attack, improving their chance of survival.

Biologists say Zebras' stripes are a form of camoflage called "motion dazzle.

These images take me straight into my heart. Pitter, patter, pitter, patter. Wonderful! xo Images found on Pinterest Via photopeka.com Via article on Buzzfeed Found on forsaleusa.blogspot.com Golde…

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Animal World Zebra family hugging mother mom zebra, father and baby zebra nuzzling, loving