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Ben Greene: #Vegan #Exercise Enthusiast

Interview with Ben Greene: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Jack Lindquist: Vegan Road & Track Cyclist

Interview with Jack Lindquist: Vegan Road & Track Cyclist

An Interview with Vegan Athlete and Dietician Matt Ruscigno

A busy dietitian, athlete, speaker, and consultant, Matt Ruscigno still managed to find a few spare moments to talk with us for this featured interview.

SAMUEL HARTMAN  Vegan/athlete/activist/writer in Louisville. Benefits?  Awareness, or “consciousness-raising” to borrow a phrase from Richard Dawkins..I found that passion with veganism because of how easy it is to remove animal exploitation from our lives. The big plus I see is that by not eating meat and dairy I’m fueling myself for training and for a healthy lifestyle years down the road. If you’re looking for protein in meat and eating lots of it, that’s not a recipe for living to 100+.

Interview with Samuel Hartman: Vegan Athlete & Road Cyclist

Steph Davis is believed to be the only woman to have free-soloed at 5.11 grade.  In 2003 she climbed El Capitan, a 900 metre vertical climb in Yosemite national park, in one day.     In March 2013 she was featured on the cover of 'Climbing' magazine...and is an experienced wingsuit flyer.  Steph is also a vegan.

Steph Davis is a world-recognised climber who has tackled some of the most challenging climbs across America, and is known as a determined pioneer in women's climbing.

Interview with Brendan Bailey: Vegan Cyclist

Interview with Brendan Bailey: Vegan Cyclist