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President Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose

Marie Ledger on

Teddy Roosevelt is riding a moose, this is the greatest picture ever.I need to put this side by side with a picture of my Teddy Roosevelt Riding Monty

Python Style - Cheezburger

Python Style

Funny pictures about Riding Invisible Horses. Oh, and cool pics about Riding Invisible Horses. Also, Riding Invisible Horses.

funny caption we used to laugh at comedians and listen to politicians now we laugh at politicians and listen to comedians

None of the Above! Why? Because we deserve better than the two options that we're presented with for the next President of the United States!

Our custom printed, alternate version of the "None of the Above" bumper sticker. Why, because we deserve better. - Funny Durable Bumper Sticker / Decal - Size: 4 X 6 inches - Can be applied to any smo

How many times I gotta tell you... DINNER'S READY!!! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!--Sometimes I feel like this!

T-Rex in white lace apron, kitchen cooking baking bread, mother mom's mama TREX dinosaurs Why is this funny to me

Have You Seen ♡ Sign ♡ Flyer ♡ Take One

Have You Seen This Flier

Remove the flier.Take a picture if the flier, print it and post it where this one was.