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Beautiful church in Kremasti, Rhodes.

Beautiful church in Kremasti, Rhodes.

The Colossus of Rhodes was one Helium statue (sun god in Greek mythology) built between 292 BC and 280 Greek aCilha of Rhodes in the Aegean, Helium, place protective. At 30 meters high, all of bronze, carved in 292 BC by the sculptor Chares, On the right hand of the statue was a beacon that guided the ships at night. It was a statue so imposing that a normal stature man could not hold his thumb, to celebrate the withdrawal of troops from Macedonian king Demetrius, Antigonus general, who…

The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of the Greek Titan Helios, erected in the city of Rhodes on the Greek island of Rhodes by Chares of Lindos between 292 and 280 BC.

Boven bij het tsambika kerkje

Boven bij het tsambika kerkje


Santorini, Greece - The most beautiful island in Greece. Some say that Santorini is part of Plato's Atlantis, it's up to you if you wanna call it like that, anyway the island is magical. My team created the Top Destinations and Santorini was part of them.

Cobblestone street, arches, lanterns and bright sunlight | Rodhos, Aegean, Greece

Beautiful historic alley, Rhodes, Greece I got off the cruise ship first thing in the morning and walked back in these alleys by myself, it was quiet and wonderful!

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